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Zeldaxlove64 Christina Grimmie

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Hellooo! Thanks for watching this vid guys! This was a suuuper requested one so I hope you all enjoy :') Yu all rawwk more than anything... My WEBSITE: http://christinagrimmie.com/ My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/christinagrimmie My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/therealgrimmie My Instagram: zoraxlove64 My Snapchat: GrimmieSnap
YO Team!! Long time no video. Love this song and REALLY wanted to sing it for yu guys, regardless of the repetitiveness of it O___+ LOVE YOU TEAM!! \|/ Check out American Idol awesomeness...
Yooo guys! Back with a new video! Happpyyy New Year! This year I got a lot of amazing stuff lined up for you so uhh...GET PSYCHED yes?! (; love ya team YU GUYS RAWWK \|/ My WEBSITE: http://christ...
Introducing the world premiere of the official video for INVISIBLE. As many of you know, Christina LOVED video games and had a special fondness for anime. We created this video as a special...
Lyrics below! Yu guys better learn this whole thing, WE WANNA SEE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! Love you Team Grimmie! :D Yur sentences were INSANE. (Woah) We are singing to our lava lamp And it's bubbleh,...
please subscribe through this link: http://bit.ly/bcUxWL If you'd like, help me win the almighty Youtube contest! I'm in second place, you guys have been great !! i got to do a really awesome...
Christina Grimmie was taken from all of us far too soon, but the impact she had on this world in the short 22 years of her life will carry on forever.
Yoo team, here is my music video for my song "Advice". I worked with two really AWESOME guys, Sean Babas and Brian Henderson!!! hope yu like it ! TEAM GRIMMIE RAWWKS !! \m/ http://itunes.apple.co...
Hey guys ! Hope yu like this cover...it's a beautiful song and i LOVE IT! Team Grimmie RAWWKS ! \m/ Check out my other covers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0NAwPdP2t0&list=SPxoDQ-VIRfb-VJSX4K...
YO GUYS!! Two ways to vote: 1. http://macys.iheart.com/ with a valid email address or Facebook account 2. On twitter using #risingstar and "Christina Grimmie" @therealgrimmie --YOU CAN...
Okay so this video was never gonna happen, considering i care about music more than my hair all around. BUT. this video has been asked for again and again, and i was first only going to post...
Coke Competition Link: http://CokeURL.com/cgrimmie Vote there ! :D Yo guys ! This is the 4th in the "AATIR" series, we think this one will really get nailed into you're heads. Let's hope we're...
Please tune back here on August 18th for the second of four music videos in "The Ballad of Jessica Blue" series. The "Ballad of Jessica Blue" is retro styled narrative and music video short...
Hey guys! This song is obviously property of Owl City. not mine :D GREAT SONG. not my most vocally impressive song but its such a good song and everyone seems to like it as much as i do and...
New Video! YU GUYS RAWWK \|/ My WEBSITE: http://christinagrimmieofficial.com/ My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/christinagrimmie My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/therealgrimmie My Store:...
Christina Grimmie Foundation Inaugural Event - October 25, 2017 in Hollywood, CA. Event recap video.
I wanted to answer some of yur questions you guys have been asking. I have cool things comin yur way.......but this has been a requested video, so i decided to GO FOR IT ^_^ Team Grimmie RAWWWKS!!...
Heey there ! So i LOVE LOVE LOOOVE Christina Aguilera and i bought her album the DAY it came out. I heard this song on American Idol as well, and i LOOOOVED IT! and i thought to myself "I should...
Stay With Me out on iTunes Now!! http://apple.co/1H8aWkZ Cliche out on iTunes Now!!! http://apple.co/1MOtnLg.
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Get $150 for registration - https://goo.gl/p6XNAN Make money on iOS & Android - https://goo.gl/BAidOF Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Christina Grimmie sings 'Wrecking Ball' Christina Grimmie...
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