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Raymond aditya kote

автор  дата 22.07.2016
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Тэги: #Sofia, #The, #First, #Know, #All
Lyrics : Hildegard: First day of school, out on the yard, Making new friends was kinda hard. Saw my big sister there in the sun, So I ran up to join the fun. They were all doing their princess twirl, Told me to try it, to give it a whirl. But I didn't know it so I fell down, And everyone laughed, the entire playground! And that was the day I found... If I was gonna make new friends, I'd have to know it all. And learn all the latest trends so that I'd never fall. But if I don't know what to say, I act like I know anyway. 'Cause everybody loves somebody who always... Knows it all. (Instrumental bridge) Sofia: There isn't any need to be a know it all, Good friends are there when you succeed, or even when you fall. Just be humble, warm, and kind, and I know you're sure to find... That no one ever really minds if you don't... Know it all... No one ever really minds... Hildergard: If I don't... Both: Know it all. i hope you enjoy :) please subcibe and like :) Thank you !
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sorry for quality video ^^ i hope you enjoy ^^ please subcribe and like ^^
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Cinderella (speaking & singing) - Beatrix Renita Purwiastanti i hope you enjoy ^^ please like and subcribe ^^
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Lyrics : I feel stronger Knowing that you're next to me I feel safer You always know what's best for me We don't need to prove a thing We've seen it coming for ...
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The audio from Felicia Goldfire ^^ Thank you very much for the audio Felicia Goldfire ^^ i hope you are enjoy ^^ Please subcibe and like ^^
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Singer - Tisa Julianti I hope you enjoy ^^ Please like and subcibe ^^
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