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Magicbox english kids channel

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Magicbox Animation is proud to present to you the top 50 English Nursery Rhymes collection. A selected compilation of the most viewed, most liked and peppy rhymes, specifically chosen to entertain your kids for over 50 minutes. Visit us at : https://www.magicbox.co.in/ Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbG0QvrvdpBAegtY_ebeEw?sub_confirmation=1&via=tb
автор  дата 21.11.2016
Hey Kids! Check out this black sheep which gives its wool to everyone. Sing-along and learn the rhyme. Visit us at : https://www.magicbox.co.in/ Subscribe our ...
автор  дата 24.11.2016
Hey Kids! do you all jump on the bed just like these monkeys? Watch this Rhyme and know what happens to those who jump. SIng-along to this rhyme dance ...
автор  дата 27.07.2012
Subscribe here:http://www.youtube.com/user/MagicboxEngSto?sub_confirmation=1 MAGIC BOX ANIMATION PROUDLY PRESENTS "WEAVERS WISH" Tales ...
автор  дата 08.12.2016
Hey Kids! Did you know that the London bridge fell down one day? Sing along to this toe-tapping rhyme and learn about the London bridge rhyme. Visit us at ...
автор  дата 29.06.2013
The story of the Ugly Duckling talks of a little baby bird born in a barnyard who is made fun of by his peers. After a few months of weeping, he grows into a ...
автор  дата 23.10.2017
Check out the Amazing Compilation of Non Stop English Rhymes for 45+ Minutes. SUBSCRIBE HERE IT'S "FREE": https://goo.gl/Xqg0PO Playlists: Top Hit ...
автор  дата 22.03.2017
Off to bed little ones. It is time for bed now. Ok, Maybe a few more stories... MagicBox brings you a special collection of bedtime stories to make your kids all ...
автор  дата 28.11.2016
Hey, little champs! Check out your favourite twinkle twinkle rhyme from MagicBox Animation. Sing-along and learn the rhyme too. Visit us at ...
автор  дата 04.12.2017
Check out our Famous English Rhymes for Babies of Non-Stop 60+ Minutes Compilation of Magicbox English Rhymes. Playlists: Top Hit Popular Rhymes ...
автор  дата 03.01.2012
"All through the town!" Come on kids, Jump up and clap your hands, for we are about to embark on a fun ride on the bus. Say hello to all the passengers and the ...
автор  дата 28.01.2015
Hey Kids, do you like listening to rhymes? Well, MagicBox Animation brings you a very special compilation of all the top 100 English Nursery Rhymes for about 2 ...
автор  дата 06.11.2017
Have you ever Heard the Top 25 Rhymes of Magicbox English Rhymes? Then Check out Here and Enjoy. SUBSCRIBE HERE IT'S "FREE": ...
автор  дата 22.12.2016
Check this Jack and Jill rhyme from MagicBox Animation and enjoy. Visit us at : https://www.magicbox.co.in/ Subscribe our Channel here ...
автор  дата 11.11.2013
Thanks for checking out the Magicbox™ Animation English Rhymes YouTube Channel! Subscribe here: ...
автор  дата 05.12.2016
Hey Kids! Once a farmer had a cute dog Bingo. Sing along and learn the Bingo rhyme Visit us at : https://www.magicbox.co.in/ Subscribe our Channel here ...
автор  дата 21.08.2015
Who loves to eat fruits? Hey Kids, shall we learn about the different fruits we eat? MagicBox Presents you a very interesting compilation of fruit songs, teaching ...
автор  дата 06.04.2017
subscribe us : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNEoeZ8N67jF8rqmMG-itaw?sub_confirmation=1 SUBSCRIBE HERE IT'S FREE : Check out this Awesome ...
автор  дата 01.12.2016
Hey Kids! Check out this Incy wincy spider who keeps trying to climb up the spout. Sing along and learn the rhyme. Visit us at : https://www.magicbox.co.in/ ...
автор  дата 20.01.2015
Hey Kids. Do you want to know what Johnny did today? Or what we do with Bits of Paper Lying on the Ground? Come listen to these amazing collection of all ...
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