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Hcg diet plan discover the list of food which don't hurt your hcg diet plan

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http://www.onesourcehcg.com "hcg diet plan" "what is the hcg diet plan" "official hcg diet plan" "hcg diet plan menu" Hello. This is Lisa Allen and in this video I'm just going to go over really quickly the foods that you're allowed to eat on the HCG Diet so let's get started and let's move on to the next slide. In the HCG Diet you're allowed to have at each meal and that is lunch and dinner. Breakfast is slightly different and we'll go over that in a second but at each meal you're allowed to have one protein from this protein list. There is one vegetable that you're allowed to have from the list also one grissini breadstick or melba toast then also a fruit. I'll show you the list of the fruits that you're allowed to have. Let's start with the protein list. The proteins that you're allowed to have are lean beef, chicken breast, shrimp and any kind of non oily fish. By lean beef we mean with all visible fat trimmed and not very much fat marbling in the meat. Things like a round steak are good. You can do hamburger as long as it's 96% lean or more. With the chicken breast just the breast don't do the tenderloins. Make sure that there's not skin or fat on the outside of chicken breast. Shrimp is fine. Non oil fish, no tuna or salmon. Go with something like a white fish, soul or flounder are all good choices. On the prep and cooking make sure you purchase meats without additives or any kind of broth added or flavor enhancers. Also on the cooking no oils. You can broil them, steam cook them or pan cook in water. I like to slice mine up really thin and then cook them in just a tiny bit of water in the frying pan. It works great. The vegetable list, here are the veggies that you're allowed to have. You can have tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, onions, radishes, lettuce, spinach, celery, beet greens, chard, cabbage, chicory and fennel. On the tomatoes you should only have one medium to large tomato but on the other vegetables you can pretty much eat as much as you like because they don't have very many calories and not very much sugar but tomatoes do have just a little bit too much sugar in them. You should only have just the one. Prep and cooking, again raw, lightly steamed or you can put them in soups. No oils and organic, if possible. Keep in mind on the veggies list you're allowed to have one of these per meal and you are not supposed to mix veggies. Fruit choices at lunch and dinner you can have one of these fruit choices. You can have one small to medium apple of any type. The pink ladies are my favorite. Maybe you have another favorite that you like better. Medium sized orange, a half a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries but again only have one. if you need to like say you're a person who needs to really needs to eat a little bit more at breakfast you can split your fruits up a little bit and have say half of the apple with breakfast and half of it with lunch and have your orange at supper but do not eat both fruits at one meal. Check Out My Website: http://www.onesourcehcg.com
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Full article: http://hcgchica.com/phase-2-hcg-diet-basics-very-low-calorie-diet/ Buy hCG injections or drops: hcgchica.com/buy-hcg-injections-worldwide/ My Before and After hCG Diet results-...
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http://www.hcgdietuniverse.com/ - Welcome to HCG Diet Universe, the global home of and authority of the HCG Drops Diet. Your journey to wellness begins here with the information that you need...
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[17Diet] HCG Diet Plan - Discover the list of food which don't hurt your HCG Diet Plan This channel collect all videos about Diet. Help everyone lose weight as fast as possible.If you own this...
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While you are taking hCG 1234™ diet drops during the low-calorie portion of the hCG Diet from Creative Bioscience, you need to choose carefully what you eat in order to get maximum weight...
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The HCG Diet - http://bit.ly/KvR0fS - Visit for more information on the HCG Diet Plan and look for the special deal on HCG drops.
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Hi, I made this video because I did the HCG diet using the injections but I didn't do the 500 calorie diet like most people do or what they say is required. Instead I used the information that...
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Ok so by day 6 I was down 10lbs & lost 1 each day leading to this meal. This meal total calories are 455.5.
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Hello there! I decided to try hcg diet which is a low calorie diet after hearing many of my friends success stories on it! I want to change my life and be healthy and fit for this year and...
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http:// www.bestbuyhcg.com 800 Calorie HCG Dieter CalisouthernDiva reviews the Dr Lipman's new 800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan. Calisouthern shows how Dr Lipman took the original 1954 HCG plan of...
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HCG Diet Plan ➽➽ http://www.howtoloseweightfastplan.net/HCGDietPlan.html Nowadays not only the obesity but also other people apply the diet plan in their schedule. Many people find it...
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http://www.healthyhcg.com HCG diet food list - shows the allowed foods on the HCG diet. Pair these specific, approved food choices with homeopathic HCG drops for fast weight loss. While taking...
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FYI: I am no longer on the hcg diet on the diet I lost a total of 22.9lbs. Although i'm no longer on the diet I still follow some of the meal plans just using more protein. This plus exercise...
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Watch more Best Diet Plan for You videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/472064-Is-the-hCG-Diet-Healthy-Diet-Plan Learn if the hCG Diet is a healthy diet plan in this Howcast video featuring...
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HCG Diet Foods: What to Eat on the hCG Diet Plan About hCG Diet Foods & hCG Diet Menu Options hcg ,hcg diet plan ,hcg diet recipes ,hcg drops ,hcg hormone ,hcg injection ,hcg injections...
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Click the link on the right http://bitly.com/16dKrt1 to find out the secrets of HCG Diets HCG basically happens to be a hormone which can found in the bodies of women during their pregnancy...
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CLICK HERE http://proshapefree.com for your FREE Trial HCG Diet Plan , Discover HCG Diet Plan Dangers & an easy HCG Alternative. Looking at the list of diet aids like the HCG Diet Plan with...
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