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(I DO SHOW THE NEOGAF POST IN THE VIDEO) Before I submitted my ''case review'' i thought real hard on how i wanted to say what i had to, and looked at other peoples appeals who tried to reverse their suspension/ban. I tried to take a different approach and thought if i be emotional and apologize that id get some type of sympathy for a childish and petty mistake. Well it didn't work, and ''they'' responded to me with a typical, vague, and bot-like reply. The enforcement team is completely unreachable for a reason. they are fishy, corrupt, pricks, who possibly get a rise out of abusing their power when they most likely shouldnt be in that kind of position to begin with. could it be possible that the enforcement team is full of formally banned xbox users who wanted some type of nerd revenge, or a "job" that can relieve them of whatever underlying anger they have? either way, they need to be boycotted and taken down. WHAT I FORGOT TO MENTION BECAUSE OF VIDEO TIME I HAD LEFT: - The user who i mentioned that was banned for marketplace theft was innocent the SECOND TIME! THE SECOND TIME, that he was permanently banned. but the first time? they let him off the hook for MARKETPLACE THEFT. this only proves that they can reverse permanent bans , and for something that is more severe than any ''harassing message'' . -YES, I DID DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED. BUT NOT BY THE LAST OPTION. I had multiple communication suspensions before my permanent ban, i had a total of 6 communication suspensions. But the next step should have been a account suspension, not a account BAN. THEY NEED TO WARN THE PLAYER WHEN A PERMANENT SUSPENSION IS NEAR ALSO. THEY DONT, NOT EVEN VIA EMAIL. -My GT is: NikeBEAM3R I know i fucked up, just like a person who doesn't stop littering fucks up too. doesn't mean that person needs to be thrown in prison instead of jail and serving the same time and sharing cells with a pedophile, rapist, serial killer, etc. im that person who littered and now im sitting in the same cell with hackers, modders, theives, all for (replying) trash talk on the surface while they were on the bottom doing illegal shit.
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This video shows all the 36 cheats available for Grand Theft Auto V on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 Versions). All cheats ...
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Episode 1: ThunderBuddy01 gets suspended from the YUDOSBox Live service for "harassment, abuse, and threats" while playing the Early Access build of ...
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Team Underground [Episode 09] "Power-Tool Pumpkin Carving" (10-17-2010)
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MitchJones - yo [VOD: Oct 13, 2016]
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