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Video Events Production

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YLD required an event teaser trailer to help promote their ‘Innovate’ speaker events which are taking place around the UK. This teaser was designed to be shown across social media platforms to promote and to inspire people to come along to the next events. Tech TV attended the event as a 2 man crew and filmed the event in progress. As well as capturing general B-Roll from the event, we also captured interviews with virgin mobile co-founder and primary speaker Joe Steele. We used high end, large sensor video cameras with appropriate lenses to ensure that we captured sharp footage; even in low light conditions. We also used a gimbal stabilisation system to ensure that the footage we captured was smooth and slick. Once we had wrapped up on the day. The footage was loaded into our state-of-the-art edit suites to begin the edit. We combined a punchy music track with some quick cuts to make sure the video had a lot of energy and engaged the audience. We also used some modern and stylish motion graphic call-outs to help drive home some of the key messages of the video.
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Pentru servicii Foto/ Video/ Drona/ Macara/ Inregistrari audio evenimente contactati-ne la numarul 0785.704.087 Abonați-vă la canalul nostru pentru noutati Drepturile rezervate asupra materialelo...
MAZZ APPEAL LLC. Our latest Production Reel - 2017 Highlight Reel of the productions either produced, filmed, or edited by Joseph A. Mazzaferro @ www.mazzappealfilms.com Owner/CEO - Mazz Appeal Films.
Corporate Video Events produced by or in collaboration with Coolture Credits: Photos and Video Camila Ghiradelli / Juan Achiaga / David Mc Lean / Nicolas Inchausti.
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Toate drepturile rezervate Video Events Production 2012-2017 Producator : Florin Evenimente Romania.
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Motiv were commissioned to produce a film to advertise York City as a host destination for national and International Business Visits & Events. The film will be used alongside other marketing...
автор  дата 21.11.2013
Sound Media takes you behind the scenes. Rigging Audio System, Lighting and Video for church service in Nova Arena.
автор  дата 19.07.2013
Some of the greatest ways to Market your company is by using Scribing Video. You can deliver your story, share your benefits, close with a call to action and all while keep the attention of...
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Promo Video Events Production Toate drepturile rezervate © Zoom Studio & Video Events Production Un canal Autentic Music Network Group Realizator: Florin (Video Events Production) Nu reposta,...
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Want to find out more about our course? Visit our website for more info: www.eventtrix.com.
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Video Production South West produces a range of video content including Music and Events. With over 20 years experience and cutting edge equipment we deliver stunning results and provide solid...
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Drax Produktion - TV, Video & Live Events. Advice and support for international productions. Mexico and Latin America. draxproduktion.com M: produccion@draxproduktion.com P: + (52) 55 5659...
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Ministry Reel - Motion Graphics, Video Production, Live Events.
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Heal The Bay 2015 Bring Back The Beach Gala - Event Production Setup Video by P2 Entertainment Group, A Los Angeles & Orange County Event Production Company.
Contact us for quality video production for your events.
Arts Management students working at Manifest 2011. A great experiential learning example from one of our classes.
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Video event production: Shooting events lets you create great content. Find out HOW to use events to get great clips of experts talking about your niche. There are challenges, however. It...
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