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Two breyer tutorials Salt Lick

автор  дата 03.08.2015
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Shout outs to -Breyer55862 and Horsecrazy14 for requesting these tutorials! Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'll have an update video up soon. (You may have seen some of the new things in the background) Now i have to ask, would you guys like to see an updated barn tour BEFORE i upload the first episode, or AFTER the first episode of Life at RRS? With that being said, im getting two new breyer sets soon, which puts even more delay on the series, unfortunately. If i do a barn tour, once i get the sets, that means the first episode will be held off for another three days after the tour, but, if i do the first episode, the barn tour will be held off for another week or two. And it will be harder to explain some things in the series. I need your guy's help deciding! So, barn tour, or first episode; after i get the new sets. Let me know what you think! Love ya guys! Home of the Horses Studios 2015
автор  дата 21.04.2015
Get a FREE GIFT by Subscribing to my newsletter! http://www.makehorsestuff.com/newsletter.html Subscribe to my YouTube channel - I have a lot more How To Make Horse Stuff videos planned....
автор  дата 12.11.2017
Hello everyone, in today's video I show you two different methods for making horse bonnets. The one is a no-sew method, and the second requires both hand stitching and crochet. Whichever way...
автор  дата 08.07.2017
Learn how to make a salt lick for your schleich.
автор  дата 06.06.2017
Keep in mind there are other tutorials out there guys dont just rely on me! Copyright Home of the Horses Studios 2017 Follow me on Instagram at breyerpreyer and aqhacavies and flux.the.prime...
автор  дата 01.02.2015
Passing on chips, pretzels, peanuts, just go straight for the salt block to get your fix.
автор  дата 01.01.2013
This is my second breyer tutorial and it shows you how to make Traditional sized polo wraps. These will be availible to buy once my website it up. Stay updated by subscribing!! Thanks! Hoofbeat...
автор  дата 24.01.2016
I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC!!!! Hello~I finally got my editor working!!! So that means more videos!! I'll be uploading some more soon =D Thanks for watching~
автор  дата 19.11.2016
A short tutorial for how to make your own breyer hay feeders! They're great for the corners of stalls! Copyright Home of the Horses Studios 2016 Follow me on Instagram at iconic.breyer.legend...
автор  дата 11.02.2017
Sorry about the end when the camera fell over.
автор  дата 21.09.2015
How to wash your Breyer horses.
автор  дата 24.01.2016
Thanks for watching! I hope this video helped. I'll put the pictures of the templates on my instagram @ Cecil.Studios. Please comment some video suggestions, like, and subscribe.
автор  дата 18.04.2013
Make your horses fat with an inedible lick it yay!
автор  дата 23.11.2010
Well here's a tutorial on how to make a breastplate for your breyer horse model!!! good luck!!! visit my site at: liviigiisaddlery.weebly.com.
автор  дата 18.03.2015
Breyer Halter Tutorial: How To Make a Padded Leather Halter for a Classic Breyer Horse Get a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD of the directions in this video by subscribing to my newsletter at MakeHorseStuff.com/...
автор  дата 06.06.2016
Link to the logo I made for the strap: http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab283/88310/Screen%20Shot%202016-06-05%20at%208.07.54%20PM.png Thank you for watching! Comment below if you have any...
автор  дата 14.08.2017
Breyer horse craft. Breyer Horse Diy. How to fix Breyer Horse Rubs, Scuffs, Broken Ears, and Broken Limbs. Breyer how to. Breyer Restoration. Fixing a Breyer Horse. eBay Breyer Horse. Spirit,...
автор  дата 02.08.2013
have fun with your salt lick!!! :) :D :)
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