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Talent Show

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make Money Online =► http://www.clickland.net/getmoney/?uur=1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got Talent is a British talent show television format conceived and owned by Simon Cowell's SYCOtv company. A pilot was made in the United Kingdom in 2005, hosted by Paul O'Grady, but after O'Grady's split with ITV, the series was postponed, resulting in America's Got Talent – the first full series of the format. It has spawned spin-offs in over 58 countries (as of April 2014), in what is now referred to as the 'Got Talent' format, similar to that described by FremantleMedia of the Idol and The X Factor formats.[citation needed] Unlike those shows, Got Talent showcases several artistic disciplines in addition to singing. In April 2014, the format was named the world's most successful reality TV format ever by the Guinness World Records Got Talent was an invention by The X Factor creator Simon Cowell, with comedian and talk show host Paul O'Grady producing a pilot for ITV in 2005 under the provisional title Paul O'Grady's Got Talent. O'Grady left the network after disputes with ITV, resulting in Cowell moving the concept to the United States while he and ITV searched for a new show host. Due to these issues, the Got Talent franchise ended up debuting first as America's Got Talent on NBC on 21 June 2006, with judges David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan. The show's original series was hosted by Regis Philbin. In 2016, the judging panel consisted of Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Melanie Brown, and Simon Cowell, and hosted by Nick Cannon, who has been the presenter since 2009.The grand prize for the winner(s) is US$1 million, and, since season 3, a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas Strip. America's Got Talent proved extremely successful for NBC, pulling in high ratings in both total viewers and the younger 18-49 demographic. The show's initial success in America is credited with the eventual launch of the British series, and the overall global launch of the Got Talent franchise. ITV eventually debuted Britain's Got Talent on 9 June 2007 with Cowell, Morgan and Amanda Holden as judges, and Ant & Dec as hosts of the show. For series 5, Morgan stepped down due to commitments hosting Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, and Cowell only attended the live shows as he was busy launching The X Factor USA, so Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff joined the panel with Holden. In October 2011, it was confirmed that McIntyre and Hasselhoff would not return for series 6 and they were replaced by David Walliams and Alesha Dixon, along with Cowell returning as a judge full-time. The top prize is £250,000 (£100,000 in series 1-5 and £500,000 in series 6) and a performance at the Royal Variety Show in front of the British Royal Family. Proposed global version In June 2010, following Britain's Got Talent's success at the BAFTA television awards, Cowell voiced his ideas regarding World's Got Talent, a global version of Got Talent. However, he argued that the format would not work with judges as they had all ""tried to be him"" in previous attempts (such as World Idol), and instead proposed a commentary format, similar to that of the Eurovision Song Contest.[4] During the same week, more details were announced, with Cowell explaining 20 previous winning contestants from global variations of Got Talent would be brought together at the Royal Albert Hall with himself and Jonathan Lopez both having roles in the show. A proposed prize of £1 million was announced, along with a projected global television audience of 300 million, and an intended airdate of 2011. However, Cowell halted plans for the series because it would conflict with his judging commitments with The X Factor USA and Britain's Got Talent for the years to come. In February 2014, The X Factor USA was cancelled by Fox due to low ratings and Cowell's decision to return to the UK version of that show.
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Sergej Evplov: Ukraine talent show, amazing 7yo kid SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_YJBSoEBbA.
автор  дата 25.02.2015
ALL RIGHTS TO GOT TALENT GLOBAL! Thank you for watching! Leave a like and Subscribe! 5) Romeo & Lada - France's Got Talent 2013 audition - Week 1 ...
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View more inspirational videos at: http://theinterviewwithgod.com/more_videos.php The Interview With God @ http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com One cannot ...
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A selection of this weirdest, funniest and most surprising BGT auditions this year. Enjoy!
Britain's Got Talent 2015 vs America's Got Talent vs India's Got Talent Best Videos from Got Talent Awesome People from the Talent Shows.
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE........ Best Magic Show of America - America's Got Talent 2016 ☞DISCLAIMER: I do not own nor claim ownership of America's Got ...
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Britain's Got Talent: Natalie just loves to sing - but this isn't just any little girl singing - she actually has talent!
автор  дата 21.01.2017
Ella did the best SINGING IN THE TALENT SHOW!! We are all so proud of her!!! Snapchat: brandeybailey Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brandeybailey ...
автор  дата 06.08.2016
Celebrity Talent Show! Back to School! Niki and Gabi Celebrities have a Sleepover! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQxLZ5jROkA Celebrities in High ...
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5th Grade Talent Show.
автор  дата 09.11.2016
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Simon says that Audition performed by Alien and says that he is not from earth- Britain's Got Talent 2016 Hi! My name is Divya and I make interesting videos ...
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My very first Talent Show Performance singing How Far I'll Go in the movie Moana, but the Alessia Cara version. Hi guys!! My name is Ella and I am 7 years old.
автор  дата 25.07.2015
Judges Howie Mandel - Mel B - Heidi Klum - Howard Stern Contestants 10) Triple Threat 9) Siro-A 8) Metal Mulisha 7) Duo Vladimir 6) The Gentlemen 5) Xavier ...
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Hi everyone, Thank for all your supports !!! I'll try my best on this channel to bring you more exciting video :) This is my new channel, i hope you like and help it ...
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Britain's Got Talent: Perforing Flatualist Mr Methane is putting the art into fart with his talented, but purely disgusting act!
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