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Polarized Media: Consuming News from Inside Your Bubble: The Daily Show

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As the 2016 election nears, Trevor examines the differences in how liberal and conservative websites report on the increasingly contentious presidential campaigns. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.
Trevor unpacks the backlash that NFL players, Stevie Wonder and ESPN commentator Jemele Hill received after speaking out against racism. Watch full ...
At NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum, Matt Lauer questions Hillary Clinton more on her emails than military strategy and lets Donald Trump's misinformation go ...
In WikiLeaks' latest document dump on Hillary Clinton, the site exposes little wrongdoing in the presidential hopeful's campaign emails and Wall Street ...
Trevor has some doubts about Donald Trump's ability to govern without intelligence briefings. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: ...
Senate Democrats filibuster for 15 hours in a push for gun legislation that would require buyer background checks and ban suspected terrorists from obtaining ...
Undecided voter Ken Bone becomes a breakout star in the 2016 election after winning America's heart in a town hall-style presidential debate. Watch full ...
Trevor proposes that anti-abortion advocates like Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush channel their pro-life rhetoric into another vital issue: gun control. Watch full ...
As Donald Trump's poll numbers decline amid scandals, the 2016 presidential hopeful accuses banks, African Americans and the media of rigging the election.
Just days before the 2016 presidential election, the FBI begins another probe into Hillary Clinton's emails thanks to a separate investigation on Anthony Weiner.
President Obama imposes sanctions on Russia for interfering in the U.S.'s 2016 election, but Vladimir Putin sees no reason to retaliate ahead of Donald Trump's ...
After a series of violent protests erupt at Donald Trump rallies across the U.S., the presidential hopeful both condones and repudiates the hostile events. Watch ...
Donald Trump implies that President Obama is a secret agent for ISIS, and Hillary Clinton pledges to use technology to fight the terrorist group if she's elected ...
During the first congressional recess under President Trump, Republican lawmakers return to their home districts to confront floods of angry constituents. Watch ...
First Daughter Ivanka Trump gets a White House job, recently impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye is arrested, and Donald Trump fights with his ...
President Trump gets defensive after the media speculates that his chief strategist Steve Bannon may be the one who is really making major policy decisions at ...
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The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Polarized Media Consuming News from Inside Your Bubble.
As Donald Trump gears up for his first press conference since the 2016 election, Trevor imagines how the now-president-elect will respond to media questioning ...
The Obama administration announces double-digit premium hikes for the Affordable Care Act, and Trevor diagnoses the problem. Watch full episodes of The ...
Trevor shows his appreciation for the show's former host and discusses Speaker of the House John Boehner's recent resignation. Watch full episodes of The ...
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