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NCCA Broadcasting

автор  дата 22.09.2016
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The amazing students and teachers at College and Career Academy North Campus in Villa Rica, Ga wanted to show our local public safety members, Police, Fire, and EMT how much we love and support them in a fun way. The Police chief was all for it and assembled the team members you see in the video. Positivity brings growth and we hope you agree and enjoy the video. We are #24strong
автор  дата 19.11.2011
Intro video to the broadcast of the 2011 SE Regional.
автор  дата 16.03.2017
Tar Heel Sports Network radio broadcast of the 2005 NCAA men's basketball championship game between the UNC Tar Heels and Illinois Fighting Illini.
автор  дата 21.03.2014
Yeah we found press passes some how!
автор  дата 10.03.2010
Special Thanks to ESPN, ABC, and EA Sports.
автор  дата 09.11.2016
Our advanced students created a short video showcasing what NCCA has to offer.
автор  дата 25.12.2015
Watch the FULL GAME of the Women's Volleyball NCAA 2015 Championship game between Nebraska and Texas! Watch more men's and women's volleyball ...
автор  дата 19.10.2015
Subscribe to ABS-CBN Sports And Action channel! - http://bit.ly/ABSCBNSports Visit our website at http://sports.abs-cbn.com Facebook: ...
автор  дата 10.03.2010
Wrestling match.
автор  дата 23.08.2016
Here is a short video of the North College and Career Academy just showing what Pathway's are offered to our students at Temple and Villa Rica High school in ...
автор  дата 26.02.2014
NCAA Vault - Relive history by team, year, game or moment using the new interactive play-by-play timeline - http://goo.gl/u8xnKG - Maryland's Juan Dixon and ...
автор  дата 01.02.2017
Please support The North College and Career Academy and their FFA John Deere raffle. Tickets are only $10 and you could be chosen to win this amazing ...
автор  дата 10.11.2016
Here is the 1st mannequin challenge from the North College and Career Academy in Villa Rica, Ga.
автор  дата 16.03.2011
Ben Mankiewicz on the terrible broadcasting on CBS of the NCCA tournament selection. He contrasts that with the excellent opinions expressed on ESPN.
автор  дата 21.03.2014
Still haven't taken out press passes yet!
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