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автор  дата 06.07.2017
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Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01LYY45LX https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXY8UWU/ Further information: http://www.naviskauto.com/product/10-1-ipx6-waterproof-portable-dvd-player/ Sometimes, when buying a portable or waterproof version of a product, there are compromises in terms of design, technology or performance but this isn't the case with this portable, waterproof (IPX6) DVD player. Its design is smooth, sleek and attractive, made from a tough plastic with all connections (USB, SD card slot, headphone jack and 230V/12V charging ports) behind secure sealed covers and the regularly used controls (volume, brightness, pause, play) to the front beneath the screen and additionally on the remote control unit for ease of use. It feels solid, secure and well made - and I was impressed by the high quality. The DVD (or CD) in inserted into its compartment on the rear, behind the screen, and I was very pleased to see this opens wide giving full access to the DVD so there is no danger of a disk getting jammed in a slot or an opening tray getting stuck (which has rendered another of my current DVD players unusable). It closes firmly with a tight, waterproof seal and locks securely into place. The controls via the remote control match those of a full-size DVD player even including a zoom key, angle function and repeat in addition to being able to select from DVD, SD card or USB input making it more a general media viewer and not just a DVD player. I had expected the audio to sound a little tinny which is to be expected from small speakers but it is surprisingly clear stereo, particularly for speech and mixed content with good volume too (2x2W). However, external speakers connected to the headphone jack, or using headphones offers a much improved audio experience for listening to music. The DVD player is IPX6 rated which means it can be used outdoors in heavy rain, on a boat subject to spray or a dusty, wet, humid atmosphere. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, for camping, boating, use by a pool or in a wet environment although it must not be submerged in water. Screen resolution at 1024x600 is good, but not outstanding - but it has to be remembered that this is a waterproof player and I am also using it with the original film applied by the manufacturer still in place to act as a screen protector while traveling. The visible area of the screen measures 15.5cm diagonally. Charging is either via 230V mains power or 12V so it can be used in a car to entertain passengers during a long journey, on a boat, in a motorhome or campervan where it will run from the leisure battery drawing a maximum of 18W, ie 1.5A/h from a 12V leisure battery, ie little more than running typical fluorescent lights. Impressively, it can also be used for up to 5 hours away from any power source thanks to its internal battery. It really is a DVD player which can be used anywhere, anytime, including in a power cut. I have tried hard to find a fault with it - but there are none. If I had to really search for a niggle then all I can say is that maybe the power on/off button should be on the front of the screen but this is trivial. I was very keen on this DVD player from the moment I saw it and it has greatly exceeded my expectations. It's lightweight (1.15kg), portable (285x205x40mm), can be used anywhere in any conditions and I can't believe anyone would be disappointed by it. If it should be lost, damaged or stolen then I would buy it again without hesitation. Definitely very highly recommended.
автор  дата 26.04.2017
Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01ABXS3ZO I received the offer of 6 rolls of packing tape for review and admit I didn't pay too much attention to the brand when accepting...
автор  дата 16.11.2017
This is the type of product I have sought (without success) for the last two decades. I am a year-round, off-grid camper and when there is no power source, it is near impossible to find a...
автор  дата 27.11.2016
MUSON Action Camera, HD 1080P Action Camera available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MRE8E3F * Supplied with huge range of accessories * Good quality camera can be used inside waterproof...
автор  дата 14.06.2017
Review of H&O Highwild 16MP 1080P Game & Trail Camera Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0718WYGL7 This is my favourite design of camera trap. Currently we have about...
автор  дата 14.04.2017
Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01NA9QFBZ This replaces a much older Motorola baby monitor which has been in daily use and performed faultlessly for the last decade, not...
автор  дата 01.12.2016
Review of iGo Primo sat-nav including footage of it in use and compared with a Garmin sat-nav. Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01GC1TBOQ Offers: * outstanding value...
автор  дата 25.04.2017
Available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N5J423T We have been using this air purifier in our home-office and bedroom for the last 3-4 weeks and noticed an improvement in air...
автор  дата 15.10.2016
автор  дата 14.10.2016
Available from: https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/seasons-womens-padded-jacket-p13210.aspx/petrol https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019S78CKU.
автор  дата 23.02.2018
I couldn't beat this for quality, ease of use or value for money. It's a chunky planter made from steel, heavily painted to resist corrosion and has a plastic handle which feels warm to the...
автор  дата 16.11.2017
I really like both the concept and design of this hand-held Verti Steam Pro vertical steam iron and it stands apart from other vertical steamer/irons in its price bracket due to the inclusion...
автор  дата 21.10.2017
I'm a year round wild-camper using either a bike and back-packing tent or a small campervan and I don't use campsites which means I have to be self-sufficient for everything, including showers....
автор  дата 14.12.2017
Using PhotoStory, producing a slideshow can be as simple as selecting the images you wish to include, clicking the 'Create Photostory' wizard, selecting background music, length of slide display...
автор  дата 15.10.2016
автор  дата 05.08.2017
Available from: V3sPro (without mop) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M27CSMI and USA: https://www.amazon.com/ILIFE-Robotic-Cleaner-Cleaning-Mopping/dp/B01BAYXLI2 (V3s with mop) This...
автор  дата 23.01.2017
If you would like your product to be reviewed, please contact me at klwreviews@gmail.com * Available from Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAK-Womens-Lightweight-Quilted-Zippered/dp/B01N4E532...
автор  дата 16.08.2016
Review of Vax Cordless SlimVac TBTTV1T1 rechargeable vacuum cleaner.
автор  дата 29.08.2017
First impressions are of a quality durable product, sophisticated in design and features, well-made and high specification with its navigation memory, voice prompts, mop with water tank, UV...
автор  дата 27.08.2017
Living in a once rural idyll which has turned into a building site with heavy lorries with reversing bleepers delivering building supplies, chainsaws, generators, engines running and the thump-thum...
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