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All nine tracks from the You Want It Darker album, described by critics and fans alike as one of Leonard Cohen's most important and compelling recordings. These are intense, highly focused musical constructs that grapple with the fundamental human predicament. They are striking when first heard and resonate with the listener long afterward. You Want It Darker is destined to become not only an outstanding, sui generis album in the field of popular music but also a touchstone for songs that aspire to address the most basic human concerns — life, death, love, hate, spirituality – with self-awareness, bravery, and honesty. 1. You Want It Darker 2. Treaty 3. On the Level 4. Leaving the Table 5. If I Didn’t Have Your Love 6. Traveling Light 7. It Seemed the Better Way 8. Steer Your Way 9. String Reprise/ Treaty
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