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CGI 3D Animated Short HD: Chivalry is Dead by NCCA Bournemouth University

автор  дата 27.08.2016
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Enjoy this CGI 3D Animated short...Gather round ladies and gentlefolk, to hear the tale of Sir Moros, the buffest knight in the Kingdom. On a quest to find what lies at the end of a mysterious treasure map, Sir Moros is sure to succeed. He is renowned amongst his fellow knights and to all in the land, famous for his incomparable strength and ultra-tight breeches. Despite all of his fame and glory, he has one unfortunate weakness… This animated short film was made by 6 students as part of the 12-week Masters Project at the NCCA Bournemouth University MA 3D Computer Animation course. Örs Bárczy: Lighting, Compositing, Lookdev, Shading, Rendering, Environment modelling, Project Management, Shot Management (barczyors@gmail.com) Meren Imchen: Character Animation, Storyboard, Story Development, Animatic, Character Development, Blockmatic, End Credits (with an egg on top) (meren.imchen@gmail.com) Nikos Karydas: Character Animation, Dragon Modelling & Texture, Project Management, Dragon Rigging, (The Freakin’ Bush) (nkarydas3d@gmail.com) Renos Kontaris: Director, Knight Modelling, Character Texturing (Knight & Dragon), Cloth Simulation, Title Modelling & Texturing, Concept Art, Story Development, Storyboarding, The Voice of Sir Moros (renos_kontaris@hotmail.co.uk) Daniel Seager: Character Animation, Story Development, Layout, Knight Rigging, Animation Directing (danielcseager@gmail.com) Paris Taylor-Jones: Art Director, Character Design, Concept Art, Environment Texturing, Environment Modelling, Matte Painting (paristaylorjones@gmail.com) Music and Sound Design by Paminos Kyriazis (http://www.pompostproduction.com/) 2016 NCCA SUBSCRIBE - to TheCGBros for more inspiring content! http://www.youtube.com/user/thecgbro?sub_confirmation=1 Official TheCGBros http://www.thecgbros.com YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCGBro Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheCGBro Twitter https://twitter.com/TheCGBros Google+ https://plus.google.com/104301021746334584641 Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/TheCGBros/ Tumblr http://thecgbros.tumblr.com/ ———————————————————— Special Thank's to formaDISSENY for making our logo intro animation!! http://www.formadisseny.com/en/ ———————————————————— #VFX #CGI #TheCGBros #3D #Shortfilms #Breakdowns #Reels
автор  дата 10.09.2016
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