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100317 metro council meeting

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Mayor Muriel Bowser releases her Year Two Transition Plan Accountability Report. The report shows that in the Bowser Administration’s first two years in office, the Mayor has either delivered, launched or prepared to launch 94% of the promises she committed to during the 2014/2015 Mayoral transition. The report delivers on Mayor Bowser’s commitment to transparency and accountability, and offers a comprehensive look into the Administration’s goals and priorities. In highlighting her Administration’s accomplishments, Mayor Bowser placed a special focus on Washington, DC’s values and her commitment to defending those values. “We are Washington, DC and we embrace our diversity, strive to be more inclusive, and to grow and spread our prosperity to all eight wards. In 2017, we will promote and defend our progressive values and empower ourselves and fellow Washingtonians for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead,” said Mayor Bowser. Over the past two years, 11% of the Mayor’s 131 goals have been completed, 81% have launched and are currently being implemented, and 2% are in the planning phases. Altogether, the Administration is delivering on 94% of the Mayor’s priorities. Examples of promises that have been completed include: - Completed the distribution of body-worn cameras to all MPD patrol officers - Resumed DNA testing at the District’s Crime Lab - Announced increase to HPAP assistance from $50,000 to $80,000 for new homebuyers - Continued investment in Housing Production Trust Fund at $100 million annually - Obligated $106 million of HPTF to produce or preserve more than 1,200 affordable housing units in all 8 wards - 5,300 affordable housing units — capable of housing nearly 12,000 District residents — are in the development pipeline “While there is still much more work to do, I am proud of what my Administration has accomplished over the past two years,” said Mayor Bowser. “Violent crime and property crime are down, graduation and enrollment rates are up, and our population is the highest it’s been in forty years. I promised that we would make our streets safer and our neighborhoods stronger, and the Accountability Report shows that we are doing just that.” The Year Two Transition Plan Accountability Report can be viewed HERE: http://mayor.dc.gov/node/1211650 The Year One Transition Plan Accountability Report can be viewed HERE: http://mayor.dc.gov/node/1133976
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