Alone rap beat hip hop instrumental (prod. rebelii group)

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Hamilton the tony award winning musical has been brought to the camera! Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda the songs: Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot are performed in real life. Share if you want more Musicals brought into reality! Who thinks there should be Hamilton the Movie? Comment below! Hamilton goes to meet Aaron Burr at the bar and ask for advice. Later Hamilton gathers the people to begin the American Revolution! We can't wait for the PBS special episode to air HAMILTON'S AMERICA on October 21st. Anson Bagley - Alexander Hamilton Conlon Bonner - Aaron Burr Yahosh Bonner - Hercules Mulligan Cole Davis - John Laurens Christopher L. Curlett Jr. - Lafayette What should we do next? Schuyler Sisters? The Room Where it Happens? Let us know! #hamilton GET OUR SONGS: Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: website:
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