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Child's Play 2 movie clips: http://j.mp/2epFs4q BUY THE MOVIE: http://j.mp/2e0kpmv Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: Chucky (Brad Dourif) takes Andy (Alex Vincent) to the Good Guy factory and attempts a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul to the boy. Kyle (Christine Elise) arrives and saves Andy, just as Chucky realizes it's too late and he is forever stuck in the doll. FILM DESCRIPTION: A derivative rehashing of its predecessor (which itself owes a heavy debt to Trilogy of Terror), this sequel details the plight of young Andy (Alex Vincent), who in the previous film narrowly escaped losing his soul to make room for devil-doll Chucky (voice of Brad Dourif). Possessed by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, Chucky had coveted Andy's body as a replacement for his own plastic shell... which ended up beaten and burned beyond recognition. At this film's outset, Andy's mom has suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the prior human-vs.-doll battle, and Andy has been taken to a foster home. In the meantime, the makers of Good Guys dolls decide to reconstruct the scrappy little toy, hoping to prove the doll's harmlessness and sway public opinion. Alas, this is a major horror-movie no-no, and Chucky staggers obnoxiously back to life, with a renewed interest in body-swapping with Andy. Not awful as horror sequels go, this follows the standard horror-franchise formula (such as upping the gore quotient with each sequel) but manages to throw in a few appreciable scares, particularly at the climax (which echoes that of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining). CREDITS: TM & © Universal (1990) Cast: Alex Vincent, Christine Elise, Brad Dourif Director: John Lafia Producers: Robert Latham Brown, David Kirschner, Laura Moskowitz Screenwriter: Don Mancini WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: http://bit.ly/1u2yaWd ComingSoon: http://bit.ly/1DVpgtR Indie & Film Festivals: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Hero Central: http://bit.ly/1AMUZwv Extras: http://bit.ly/1u431fr Classic Trailers: http://bit.ly/1u43jDe Pop-Up Trailers: http://bit.ly/1z7EtZR Movie News: http://bit.ly/1C3Ncd2 Movie Games: http://bit.ly/1ygDV13 Fandango: http://bit.ly/1Bl79ye Fandango FrontRunners: http://bit.ly/1CggQfC HIT US UP: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1y8M8ax Twitter: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt Pinterest: http://bit.ly/14wL9De Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1vUwhH7
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Power Surge plays dirty, while Tim Sharp scores a juicy scoop.
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Episode 1457 See more at: http://www.wretched.tv.
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Vonden jullie deze video leuk, LIKE dan zeker! Links, KLIK ZE! ✓Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sjitsel/ ✓Twitter: https://twitter.com/GotToShotUp ✓Subscribe hier: http://www.youtube.co...
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RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 7: Dance Dance Infiltration. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2vmj8k4 » Get your RWBY merch: http://bit.ly/2tSdh1a » Subscribe: http://bit.ly/13y3Gum...
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Dota 2 fail/win compilation Submit your clip / Manda tu video: http://dotawatafak.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dota2WTF Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DotaWatafak Music: 1-Track...
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Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist, the new book by Kate Raworth, is out now: UK edition: http://amzn.to/2o2ecv6 | US edition: http://amzn.to/2EpJySE These...
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AMD 2700X & 2600X Benchmarks vs 8700K, 1800X & 1600X! RYZEN 2 LAUNCH ⇨ Sponsor - Tt Core P90 TG | Buy: http://amzn.to/2FQ6onr | Info: http://bit.ly/PH-TTP90TG AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU w/ Wraith...
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Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: http://bit.ly/TxtGm8 ▻ Follow Me on Twitter :: http://www.twitter.com/dantdm ▻ Previous Video :: https://youtu.be/g3xHqmmeg5Y oh man!! extreme circumstances...
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Vicente García Guillén: nació el 30 de marzo de 1983 en Santo Domingo, es un cantautor dominicano, principalmente de música soul. Vicente García es graduado de ingeniería electrónica...
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Get Atlanta Season 2 on Amazon: https://goo.gl/A81jy9 Follow The Most Unruly Twitter: @themostunruly Instagram: @themostunruly Music produced by: The Most Unruly Original Samples: Soul Surplus.
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The group plunges deeper into the gnoll mines, coming across an unexpected ally (guest Khary Payton), and wandering into a nest of dangers... Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on...
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Hotel Transylvania 2 movie clips: http://j.mp/2gv8Gfp BUY THE MOVIE: http://bit.ly/2fUBYlT Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: Dracula (Adam Sandler)...
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قناتي على التويتش: https://www.twitch.tv/iopiilz ضيفني سناب شات: https://www.snapchat.com/add/oPiiLz حسابي في الانستقرام : https://www.instagram.com/opiilz/
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Next episode - https://youtu.be/k0jpdWIoK8w Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZiAg2bYC7kFkn-Jv_kLqpq9dV1m4EcY Welcome to my lets play on Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2....
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In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Abdallah provides a gameplay walkthrough of World 2-7 "Temple Of Bwahmanweewee" with a Family-Friendly narration, in HD 1080p60, on the Nintendo Switch! All...
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0:00 - Intro 1:43 - Pre-Production 4:46 - Gameplay 18:43 - Story 36:28 - Side-Quests 39:31 - DLC 48:27 - Conclusion Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick Support the Channel at: https://ww...
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