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Learn how to pronounce consonant sound /ð/ used in words like "them," "brother," or "though." Improve your American accent with two phonetic exercises recorded by a professional speech therapist. Practice pronunciation of the /ð/ consonant sound in commonly used words. Check if you can find a surprise bonus at the end of the video! Quick links: • How to make the consonant sound /ð /: 01:16 • Pronunciation exercise 1: 03:23 • Pronunciation exercise 2: 05:21 • Facts about the /ð/: 06:40 Related videos: ► Consonant Sound /θ/, as in "think": https://goo.gl/9P9wFQ Subscribe to Sounds American channel: https://goo.gl/SAlzvr [THIS VIDEO HAS ENGLISH, SPANISH, JAPANESE, CHINESE AND VIETNAMESE SUBTITLES] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRANSCRIPT Hello there! This is the "Sounds American" channel. In this video we're going to talk about the American consonant sound /ð/, as in the word "this." You can also hear this sound in words like "than", "there", "other" or "mother." We'll be using a special phonetic symbol - /ð/ - for this sound. The English /ð/ sound occurs in less than 10% of the world languages and it's not present in the majority of European and Asian languages. Therefore, this sound can be challenging for those non-native English speakers who don't have it in their native languages. They often distort it or replace it with more familiar sounds, such as /z/, /d/, /v/, or /θ/. Keep watching to learn how to pronounce the /ð/ sound and practice it in words. First, let's find out how to make this sound. This sound is the voiced counterpart of the voiceless /θ/. This means that it's made the same way, but with adding a voice. Slightly open your mouth and put the tip of your tongue between your front teeth. Note that the tip of your tongue may gently touch the bottom of your upper front teeth. Now blow air over your tongue making a noise. The stream of air should flow between your upper teeth and the tongue. Note that the /ð/ is a voiced consonant sound, so you need to add your voice when pronouncing it. Let's try saying it: /ð/, /ð/, /ð/. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when pronouncing the /ð/: 1. Not pushing the tongue forward enough or pressing the tip of the tongue against the upper front teeth. This way you'll make a consonant that sounds more like a /z/. - Put the tip of your tongue between your upper and bottom front teeth. 2. Stopping the airflow with the tip of the tongue. The /ð/ sound gets distorted and sounds more like /d/ or even /t/. - /ð/ is a continuous sound; so keep the airstream flowing. You should be able to stretch the /ð/ out: /ð- ð- ð- ð/. [Pronunciation exercise] Now, let's practice the /ð/ sound in some words. You'll see a word on the screen and hear its pronunciation. Like this. You'll have a few seconds to pronounce the word. Make sure you repeat each word after the speaker, you'll be surprised how fast your pronunciation improves. Let's begin. • than • that • the • their • them • then • there • these • they • this • those • though • thus • another • bathe Let's pause for a second and check on how you're making the /ð/ sound. The tip of your tongue should be between your teeth. The sound is made from the friction in the stream of air flowing between your tongue and the teeth. Don't forget to add your voice. Let's continue practicing. [Pronunciation exercise] • bother • breathe • brother • either • father • further • gather • leather • mother • northern • other • rather • smooth • together • weather You're done! Congratulations! BTW, if you count all the words with the consonant sound /ð/, there won't be many of them. We're crazy enough to know that it's less than one percent of all English words. However, most of them are function words; and function words are the most frequently used ones in American English. So the consonant sound /ð/ is present in practically every sentence. You probably want to go back and practice now :) Don't be shy, leave us a comment if you have any questions. We love your comments! Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe!
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Do you like my videos? You can support my work by buying me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/teachercolin The /ð/ is a sound from the 'Consonants Pairs' group and it ...
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Listen to the video at least 3-4 times. Using a separate sheet of paper, transcribe all the sentences with voiced TH|ð| and voiceless TH|θ| that you will hear.
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Ð??одними глаза в Ñ??ождеÑ??Ñ??венÑ??кое небо Ð??агадай вÑ??е Ñ??о, о Ñ??еÐ...
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Learn the Sounds of American English! This video covers the Two TH Consonants [θ] and [ð]. Perfect your American Accent! Buy the whole set of videos, the ...
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Các bạn đăng ký khoá học Tiếng Anh online dành cho người mất gốc của cô tại đây nhé: http://www.misslanenglish.com ---------------- Nếu các bạn chịu khó ...
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Learn how to pronounce the "th" [θ] and [ð] sounds correctly in English, so that they don't mistakenly come out as [t], [s], [d] or [z] sounds. ORIGINAL LESSON ...
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Как правильно произносить межзубные звуки [θ] и [ð]? Чем они отличаются? Почему они называются межзубные?...
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ЭТО ПЕРВАЯ ЧАСТЬ ИЗ ЦИКЛА ВИДЕО, посвящённых advanced American accent. Если не знать тонкостей и хитростей Американск...
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Фольклерный - театр Забайкалье - узенький проулочек...
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Learn about the letters "thorn" (Þþ) and "eth" (Ðð) and how they are used in the Icelandic language.
Разбираемся с произношением буквенного сочетания TH и забываем про [с] и [з], if you know what I mean ...
Секрет №5. Межзубные звуки [θ], [ð] не имеют аналогов в русском языке и поэтому поначалу представляют некотор...
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Lộ trình học tiếng Anh giao tiếp cho người mất gốc hoặc mới bắt đầu: http://bit.ly/HocTiengAnhGiaoTiep ➤ Đăng ký theo dõi kênh Youtube: ...
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Âm /ð/ này là cách phát âm thứ hai của chữ "th". 42 ngày phát âm là một bộ video dạy các bạn cách phát âm tiếng Anh từng phụ âm, và từng nguyên âm....
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Видео к уроку № 1 на сайте Лингуст.ру http://lingust.ru/english/english-lessons/lesson1.
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